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Super Snake Pack 9 - Stage 66/67

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Stage 66, more radiator parts:



The radiator shroud attaches to the radiator from the previous stage. There is a right and wrong way to put it on. I make sure that the fan bracket is directly in the centre of the circle on the radiator shroud. If it doesn't look like the fan bracket is in the centre, then turn the shroud around 180 degrees:



Stage 67, continuing the radiator:



Firstly, I screw the radiator cap on to the radiator top:



Then I attach the radiator top to the radiator assembly. There are two lugs on the back of the radiator assembly which the radiator top slots on to. The radiator top only fits on snuggle one way so test fit it both ways to make sure you have it on right:



Next, I place the radiator front and radiator grille on to the radiator and screw it all together with 4 screws: 



Stage complete


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