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Pack 11 - stage 85. Rear lifting device base and post.

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Stage 85 gives us the rear lifting device base and the post.  This post houses the data and power cables from the base to the aircraft.


Take the longer cable assembly and examine it.  Note how one pair of the cables are thicker than the other.  The thicker ones carry the power and the thinner ones are the data cables.


Feed the cables through the lifter tube.  Then secure the black connector to the tube with a screw.  Make sure the screw is driven fully home (unlike mine, which I will now go and correct.  Close-up photography can be cruel!!)


Take the shorter cable assembly and connect the two pairs of cables.  Make sure you connect the thicker cables to each other and likewise with the thinner cables.  The connectors can be mixed up, but it's important to get this right.  


Screw the black connector into the tube to compete the lifter post assembly.


Take the power socket that came with stage 84 and screw it to the slider.


Take the lifter base and the lifter shafts that were supplied in stage 83.  Fit the shafts and the slider to the lifter base.  File the ends of the shafts to remove any burrs if necessary.


Fit the lifter frame (supplied in stage 83) to the base and screw it in place.  Make sure the cables aren't trapped or tangled.


Fit the limit switch assembly from stage 83.  Movie the slider up and down to make sure you gt a good click from the limit switches.  Adjust them up or down, or pad them out with card shims if necessary.  Now put this to one side as we will complete the gearbox for it later.


Now we move on to fitting Lifter Device No 1.  Take the gearbox assembly from stage 67 and the lifter from stage 66.  Note that the gearbox has power connector Z1 and the limit switches have cable J1.


Fit the gearbox to the lifter.


Note that the cam shaft pin fits in the groove in the lifter.


Secure the gearbox with the two caps that came in stage 63.


It's a good idea to test the lifter now.  Connect the motor cable Z1 to the test board connector labelled motor 2.  No need to connect the limit switches cable.  The 3 core cable connected on mine is just the servo adapter cable.


Flick the switch on the battery box and the motor should run.  You should hear an audible click from the limit switches.  Adult them as previously described if you don't.


Fit this lifter assembly to the base.


Repeat the process with lifter 2 which was supplied in stages 79 & 82 and the caps came from stage 71.


The cables are labelled Z2 and J2.


Test it as you did lifter 1, the fix it to the base.


This completes the stage.


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