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Pack 11 - Stage 88. The windscreen frame.

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Stage 88 gives us the windscreen frame.


Pusht eh frame onto the body.


Don't try to push down the tabs at the ends just yet.


Insert the glass.  It goes in easily, but make sure that it's sat squarely against the body and pillars.


Now you need to hammer the ends of the frame into position.  I have a smaller hammer with a plastic face, but a rubber mallet should also work.  Don't use a metal faced hammer as this will damage the frame.

A few sharp taps should see the tab knocked home.  Make sure that the glass is in its correct position before hammering.


The gap at the bottom of the frame should close up nicely.


The side of the frame should sit neatly against the pillar.


Now secure the frame with a couple of the black plastic bushes and the screws.  One each side.  The 2 screws that go in the centre are fitted later.


This completes the stage.


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On 9/17/2023 at 10:22 PM, AllThunbs said:

Nope, for some reason mine doesn't want to fit correctly. No matter what I do it won't slide those tabs home.

A bigger hammer might help.  Seriously!  A sharp tap with a bigger hammer is more effective that a harder hit with a smaller hammer.  Let the weight of the hammer do the work.  However, not so heavy that it will damage the model of course.

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