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ROUTEMASTER Pack 12 Stage’s 120 & 121 THE LAST STAGES.

JDave Say

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Build the Agora 1/12 scale classic Routemaster RM857 stages 120 and 121 the final stages of this wonderful large scale museum quality model of Londons iconic world wide known bus , ok so in these final stages we have the side advertising stickers and the indicators and the mirrors and front stickers and the windscreen wiper , my notes are that it’s suggested that you could very very carefully lay the bus on its side on something that’s very soft such as a build cushion or a thick towel etc I use this method and have had some great results but I must stress that if you don’t feel confident to do this without injury to yourself or your beautiful model then please don’t this model is very heavy and can easily slip out of your hands and you wouldn’t want to risk scratches on that lovely red paintwork , so with that caution in mind there is another way to apply your side adverts , find some magnetic paper or tape and you could stick the tape or magnetic paper to the back of your adverts and then carefully apply them to your model , on your model just as the real bus there is a advertisement guide strip that’s just below the upper deck window strip the top of your advert should align with that strip for the length of the advert along each side of the bus , one of my reasons for suggesting the magnetic tape to put your adverts on with is because at a later date you may wish to change them for other adverts that are available elsewhere , ok onto the indicators at the front corners of the bus these indicators are ment to be loose they are mounted in real life in rubber and bend backwards if the hit anything and rarely break off , ok so the very last stage then is 121 is the mirrors for the front corners the windscreen wiper and front stickers , the window wiper is plastic and needs care to attach to the drivers window , the stickers are as I mentioned above for you to choose how you apply , and the corner drivers mirrors are a tad fiddly and because they stick out a little make them vulnerable to breakage and when you’ve attached all the above items , congratulations you have built a Beautiful British iconic Double Decker London Transport Routemaster bus , your model came with some black plastic blocks to stand your model on to display it at its best some fellow builders of this wonderful bus have enhanced their pride and joy by adding wooden plinths , mirrors to see the underside , underside lighting , remote control and power mods , dust covers , display cabinets and even a Bluetooth remote  and many many more modifications are available , so sit back and give yourselves a very well earned pat on the back and enjoy your model , and watch out shortly for my modded Southend Transport Routemaster build series coming soon . 









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