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  1. Hi everyone well here we are with the official build diary for pack 1 stages 1 to 10 , stage one as well as the lovely parts we received a little screwdriver to help us along the way with the build , I personally use wera screwdrivers PH0 , PH00 and PH000 but I also use this little screwdriver too as it’s really handy for getting into small spaces , I’ve built this first pack live on my YouTube channel which I believe has been shared to this group but if you wish to view this it’s available on ,( D S Models & Vintage ) , I also have a Facebook group dedicated to this Routemaster build with
  2. Not got mine yet won’t be long now though 👍😊
  3. Hi Wyatt yep everything is ready to go just need a bus and we’ll be on our way , you know what they say ,, you wait for one bus then all of a sudden two appear , looking forward to the journey with you all 👍
  4. Hi everyone, welcome to what's going to be the most wonderful journey of history and adventure as you join us in this build diary for the iconic LONDON TRANSPORT ROUTEMASTER BUS RM857 in 1\12 scale , hop aboard and together we'll share the journey of nostalgia we'll find out why this incredible bus lasted for so long not only in London but all around great Britain and abroad too , for 60 years this fabulous bus not only proved itself to be a great people mover, it also won the hearts of many as a world beating design in public transport and now thanks to AGORA MODELS we can now replicate th
  5. Hi wyatt , thank you so much , the Shillibeer Omnibus one is actually my good lady wife’s bus she built it I painted it lots of work involved in that one but just something we had to do as we know the ex owner of this exact real bus that this lovely model represents and have seen it in real life when it was in this livery since then though the owner sold it and it’s now in the safe hands of another bus enthusiast who has recently painted it back to the London Red livery but he has said that he wants to put it back into the Shillibeer livery for when the celebrations begin of the first London b
  6. Hi wyatt , thank you for the cool welcome , yes indeed it is me in the latest newsletter , thank you so much for your kind comments, I am very excited about this wonderful journey I hope we’ll all enjoy together with this superb model , it’s going to be an epic build and with a few surprises along the way too .Dave
  7. Hi everyone so who’s looking forward to the classic Routemaster Bus Build , this fabulous large scale 1/12 model is a superb model definitely one of the best if not the best bus models I’ve seen and built that represents the iconic and world famous AEC London Routemaster Bus , from it’s shining red exterior to its warm and homely interior it’s instantly recognisable with just about everyone, this bus model has all the wow factor too with working lights ,bells and sounds a real showstopper to add to anyone’s collection which makes a great talking point especially when you can open t
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