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ROUTEMASTER Pack 12 stage 111 rear N/S blind panel

JDave Say

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Build the classic Routemaster pack 12 stage 111 the rear near side destination panel and blind and strips , in this stage it’s the last of the upper deck near side panel but includes the blind etc for over the rear platform entrance , note that the sticky pads where actually stuck on the wrong side therefore they have given us extra pads to stick on the correct side as per these instructions in stage 111 which sticks the light pad to the back of the blind this is then held in place with four mm screws that screw into the frame then the panel goes over this to surround the destination blind , unfortunately for those of us who would like to modify their model with a different destination you’d need to remove the printed surface of the acrylic to perhaps put a modded blind behind the glass , I’ll be attempting to do several mods to the blue and white Routemaster that am building and hopefully we’ll be covering this area too with a possible mod . 





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