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Pack 4 - Stage 19. Lots of funnel details.

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Stage 19 gives us a stack of details of the funnels.


We will complete the main assembly of the second funnel first.  We will need the parts supplied in stage 17.

Fit the pizo-electric smoke generator to the base.


Fit the smoke generator into the funnel interior.


Push the tank onto this assembly.


Fit the stay shroud to the funnel top.


Not that the detailed moulding should be towards the top of the funnel.


Fit the to the funnel body.


Fit the smoke generator assembly into the funnel.


Make sure the the wires come of the bottom of the funnel.  A hooked piece of wire or tweezers can help.


Fit the grill to the top of the funnel.


Take the aft steam vent pipe an glue it to the funnel.  the forward vent is longer, but the location pegs have a different spacing so you can't get it wrong.


Push the platform onto the front of the funnel.  Use a little superglue to hold it in place.  However, test fit it without glue first.  You may need to scrape off a little paint to get a good fit.


Fit the forward steam vent.  Again, glue this in place.


Add the whistles and their pipes.  Glue in place with a touch of superglue.  Apologies for the out of focus photo......😔

AS an aside, I built a model of the Titanic a while ago, and the whistles themselves were painted brass.  I think that's probably more likely, but Agora asked me not to make any modifications......


Fix the access ladder inlace with a little superglue on each peg.  Trim them if necessary.


Repeat the construction for the second funnel.


Moving on to the water pipes, take the water pipe 19H and fit it the the front of the first class gym.  Don't glue it just yet.  Note that it slope backwards.  


Take the 4 remaining water pipes and fit these to the officers' quarters' superstructure.  Again, don't glue these yet.


This completes the stage.


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