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Pack 10 - Stage 78. Right rear fuselage panel.

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Stage 78 gives us the right rear fuselage skin.


Fix this panel to the front panel that was supplied in the previous stage.


Two screws hold the two parts together.


Now we need to fit this to the fuselage.  Firstly, make sure you aren't going to trap the wires for the rear light.


As with the left side, insert the tailplane first, then align the body with the rest of the aircraft.


Insert 3 screws at the tail.  The fuselage at the base of the rudder should meet fairly neatly.  If you have a big gap it means that something is stopping the fuselage sides seating properly.  You will need to work out what's stopping it.  The screws will pull up a small gap, but not a big one.  


The underside should also meet up neatly.



The front is held with one screw, and the edges must meet neatly.


Push the side panel of the vertical stabiliser in place.  This was supplied in stage 75.  It should just be a push fit, but may need a touch of superglue to hold it firmly.  However, do NOT apply any superglue until the model's electronics have been fully tested.


Finally, fit the tailplane fairings that were supplied in stages 74 & 77.  These should just push in place.  Don't glue them until the electronics have been tested!


This completes the stage.

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