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Pack 3 - Stage 19. Left exhaust pipes.

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Stage 19 gives us the left hand exhaust pipes.


Fit the 6 flanges to the pipes with the large headed screws.  Make sure that the mould marks are facing up so they are hidden when the pipes are fitted to the engine.


Fit the first 2 pipes to the engine with the appropriate screws.  The first one uses IP screws as the first cylinder is made from plastic.  The second cylinder is metal, so use the IM screws.


Link the 3rd and 4th pipes together.  Make sure you get them both the right way round.


Fit the 3rd pipe to the engine, leaving the 4th pipe folded out of the way for now.


Fit the manifold to the three pipes.  A quick tip, scrape the paint off the pin on the rear of the manifold as this will make it easier to link the two manifolds together.


Fit the 4th pipe.


Now fit the second manifold.  Be careful of the end as it's easily broken.  However, it's not the end of the world if you do break it, as I'll explain in Pack 4.


Fit the 5th pipe.  This uses the IM screws as this cylinder is metal.


Finally, fit the last pipe to complete the stage.




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