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Pack 3 - Stage 17. Throttle linkages.

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Stage 17 gives us the throttle linkages.


First of all, fit the three remaining velocity stacks.  


Fit the throttle pushrod to the linkage shaft.  It's a push fit, but quite tight.  


Put the long end of the shaft into the bracket on the right hand throttle bodies, then put the short end into the bracket on the left hand throttle bodies.  Now feed the end of the pushrod into the hole in the throttle bodies.  I found the the pushrod was slightly too big to fit in the throttle bodies easily, but just needed a couple of scrapes with a knife blade to thin it down a little.


Here's a close up of the pushrod going into he throttle bodies.


Fit the other pushrod to the return lever.


Feed to pushrod into the hole in the throttle bodies, then push the return lever onto the shaft.


Push the control lever over the end of the throttle linkage shaft.


Fit the rod to the engine.  One end pushed into the control level and the other into the fuel pump.


Fit one of the supports to the end of the throttle bodies.


Now fit the spring between this support and the return lever.  Needle nose tweezers or a cocktail stick make this a little easier.


Fit the remaining support and spring to the other side of the engine.


Finally, fit the alternator support rod.


This completes the stage.




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