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Pack 3 - Stage 14. Air cooling fan and chamber.

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Stage 14 gives us the cooling fan and air cooling chamber top, and a screwdriver!!


Quite a lot to do in the stage, but the engine is really starting to take shape now.

Firstly, fit the airflow guide.  This just pushes into place, but you may need to remove some excess paint from the pins.


Fit the smaller belt to the alternator.  The belt seems to enjoy twisting itself!  However, using a pair of tweezers makes it easier to get straight.


Fit the air cooling  chamber top in place and secure with 4 screws.  I have to admit, I've been looking forward to fitting this; it really gives the engine its character.


Fit two of the air intake brackets.  These just push into place in the cylinders beneath the cooling shroud.  I found the first one a little fiddly, probably because the air cooling chamber wasn't perfectly aligned, but the second was much easier.


Take the distributor bases that were supplied in stage 10 and push these into the holes in the crank case top.



Take another 6 intake brackets and fit them to the 6 cylinders on the other side of the engine.


Take the 4 cylinders not yet fitted and fit the remaining air intake brackets.


Fit these four cylinders to the engine.  They are a bit loose at the moment, but dib't worry, the cylinder head will fix that!


Fit the end shields to the cylinder head.  You'll probably need to scrape the paint off the pins and edges to get a good fit.


Now fit the head to the cylinders and secure with a couple of screws.


Fit the alternator belt as shown.


The las stop is to fit the oil hose.


I found my oil hose had a kink in it that was reluctant to come out.  So here's a quick tip if you have the same problem.  


Take a piece of copper wire that will side in the tube easily.  I used 30A fuse wire.  Cut a length a bit shorter than the black tube.


Push it in the black tube and bend it to shape.  The copper wire will stop the tube kinking.  As an aside, this trick is also really useful if you have a tube that has to be bent to a particular shape, rather than just following its natural curve.


This completes the stage.


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