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Pack 9 - Stage 74. Installing there tail gear pushrod and the rear fuselage frames.

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Stage 74 gives us the front left fuselage skin, but we will work on the rear of the fuselage at the moment.


The first task is to install the tail gear pushrod.  Remove the cover that we fitted in stage 53.


Take the pushrod that was supplied in stage 53 and push it through the back of the control arm.


Push it through the hole in the the tail gear control arm, then refit the cover.


Now we come to fitting the frames.  This can be a bit tricky, but it's important to get a perfect fit or the fuselage skins won't fit properly.

Start with the left frame.


The frame must fit perfectly against the centre spine.  There is still a slight gap on mine, but this will close up when the two sides are screwed together.


Note how the posts for the screws protrude through the frame.


Now fit the right hand frame.  


Make sure the gaps will close up when the frames are pressed together, then secure with 4 screws.

Here is the view from the top.


And from the bottom.


Finally, we install the step into the fuselage skin.  Take the step and drop it in place.


Add the hinge lock to keep the step in place.  This is just a push fit.


From the outside, the step open.


And closed.


This completes the stage.


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