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ROUTEMASTER pack 10 stage 98

JDave Say

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Pack 10 stage 98 organising the wiring and another roof panel and fixing rear lower off side frame, wow this stage is a busy one even I had some help for this stage by my friend Alex ( Horlixs ) whilst I was building this stage live on YouTube , gosh certainly was a full on stage lots to do but at last we do sort the majority of the wiring out , so before this stage look at the back of the framework to check where the wires run behind the frame , once the wires are grouped into there respective colours and in the correct position with the frame it’s a case of attaching the frame and hopefully the homework we did before with testing if the frame would fit has payed off and you’ll be able to line everything up and using the screws from the earlier stages to fix to the bus , then we’re onto the next roof panel and take great care when fitting this , 






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