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ROUTEMASTER pack 9 stage 90 u/d & l/d coming together

JDave Say

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Routemaster Pack 9 stage 90 , wow this stage has to be one of the best yet we firstly build the upper deck ceiling frames and attaching them to the u/d ceiling and if you’ve done the special mod of putting your ceiling on as I suggested before you now should have the upper deck frame on top and two sides , some more wiring in this stage too where you can check that everything works but you will have to put both half’s of the bus together side by side on your workspace to do this and don’t forget to turn the switch off before plugging anything in to the circuit , the front windows and destination lights are fitted and then for you big moment of putting the two half’s of the bus together , yes it’s heavy and yes it’s a bit tricky as at this stage you have lots to think about , ok so firstly look under the top deck and find four locating pins and then look on the ceiling of the lower deck and find four locating holes these marry up but please be careful not to trap any wires and your cab will need to line up too as will the back end of the bus , it’s worthwhile taking lots of time at this stage to get things correctly lined up bearing in mind the four locating tabs between the decks , you may find that one or two wires may need to be moved slightly between the decks I have moved all my upper deck wires to the drivers side so there not sitting between the decks , also please be careful when moving your bus as at this stage the two decks aren’t screwed together yet , see you all on pack 10 👍😊








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