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ROUTEMASTER pack 9 stage 89 upper & lower decks

JDave Say

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Routemaster pack 9 stage 89 , wow this was a busy stage and really gave lots of progress to our bus , firstly we finished and fitted the lower deck inner roof on making sure to get all the polls lined up with the holders in the roof and the screwing the roof down to the sides etc , this stage improves the strength of the model and certainly makes it more stable to work with although at this stage I must stress about the electrics and in particular the battery box and cables try and protect these by taping them to the bus for now so as not to snag them on anything , secondly the side frames are attached to the upper deck in this stage and in the instructions it mentions that not to tighten too much to give you a little wriggle room for when final finish starts of the framework , also noteworthy at this stage is the upper deck roof inner panel needs the lighting circuit putting in especially if you’ve put your roof together as mentioned in the last stage , after this stage you basically should have two half’s of the bus the lower deck and the upper deck and they will come together in the next stage .










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