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ROUTEMASTER pack 9 stages 85, 86 , 87 , 88 upper deck framework

JDave Say

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Pack 9 stages 85, 86 , 87 , 88 are the upper deck outer sides framework , these four stages are building the framework for the outer sides of the upper deck , my notes are to make sure that the sliding windows are the correct way round ie the silver on the drop down window frame is upper most and the correct way facing the outside , these stages are also put together off the bus and also I advise you have a build mat or similar  available from partworkupgrades so you don’t scratch your paintwork or the windows also make sure your windows stay clean too as cleaning them on the inside is impossible once fitted to the bus , we have three frames to each side and each side has to be screwed together before fitting to bus , I also advise using a tiny bit of three in one oil on the metal screws when connecting the frames together I have a magnetic screwdriver and tend to pick up the screw and just dip the end threads into oil before screwing into the frame  , the frames are bent inward slightly near the front of the bus this is normal and follows the natural shape of the Routemaster , also noteworthy is the silver window winders I have used a very tiny bit of glue on mine as our bus will probably be taken to some shows so didn’t want them to vibrate off , have them all facing the same way if you can with the winding handles .










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