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ROUTEMASTER pack 9 stage’s 82, 83 ,84 upper deck ceiling.

JDave Say

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Pack 9 stages 82, 83 , and 84 are the upper deck ceiling panels , ok in the instructions it says that once the roof panels are all together we have to wait until a future stage to fit the completed roof , BUT i have a suggestion made by a friend of mine , basically he suggested that I fit the ceiling panels one by one starting with the front one , so after building the individual panels with the poll holders and the light holders and the stickers in the correct places and NOT screwing them together, the reason for this suggestion is the fact that it’s very difficult to add the completed roof section to the upper deck because you have to also line up all of the upper deck grab polls altogether at once whilst lining everything else up so making these stages very difficult and time consuming and frustrating, now don’t get me wrong here this can be done with the complete roof as I have done this in the past but certainly was taxing to say the least, anyway buy building each roof panel and fitting them individually to the upper deck is far easier to get everything lined up properly as you can get your fingers in without too much stress , I have covered this on my YouTube video and I believe there’s someone in the Facebook group that’s done it too .







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