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Stage 62 - Elevator assembly.

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Stage 62 gives us the left elevator assembly.  Constructions the same as the right elevator assembly in stage 59.  Please refer back to that stage for a full explanation as I'll be brief here.  Fitting the elevators is described in full of course.


Fit the two hinges.


Secure in place with the hinge cover.


Fit the elevator lower half along with the hinge shaft and trim tab.  I held these in place with masking tape to make assembly easier.


Push the bearing and control arm onto the elevator top half.


Fit the top elevator to the bottom, gluing if necessary.  Keep the glue away from the hinges!


Now the instructions say to fit the two elevators to the fuselage, but first you'll need to scrap the paint off the right elevator pin.


Now test fit the two elevators together to make sure they fit nicely. Scrape more paint off the pin until the fit together perfectly.


Now you can fit them to the fuselage.


Make sure that the brackets are properly located on the metal spine.


Add the upper frame that came with stage 59.


Check that the elevator servo is in its zero position with the servo tester.


Then fit the elevator push rod.  This is fitted in the elevator control arm, and drops in the slot in the upper frame.  Then remove the servo arm, fit the push rod from the rear and replace the servo arm.  


This completes the stage.



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