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Upper saloon roof


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Hi, just to make you aware.

To be able to fit the upper saloon roof, you will need to remove both upper saloon outer frames, otherwise you will struggle to line up the vertical handrails, as these contain the window panes.

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I tried to fit the roof onto the upper deck walls before the metal sides and glazing go on.

The idea was to get the seat poles in easily rather than trying to do them with tweezers through an open window.

I went to turn the upper deck on its side and the roof flipped over and snapped off five of the screw tabs!

Also when assembling the roof frame, I snapped off the upper deck circular mirror of good measure!!

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It was a right pain trying to get the outer tabs to line up and getting all the poles in at the same time. Must of took me a few hours to eventually get everything in. I think they could of done with doing the top of the poles having some magnetic end to connect to the ceiling, instead of an hole.

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