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Super Snake Pack 8 - Stage 63

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Stage 62, wheel, steering and floor.

(I have already built the wheel when i soaked them in stage 57)


The steering wheel column goes though the under the dashboard:



The steering colum connector is from stage 61. I fit it behind the dashboard and screw it into the steering column once it is lined up:



Next, I rest the interior onto the base of the car, making sure that the steering column goes into the steering gear area:



Then the steering column adjuster from stage 61 rests on top of the column pinion:



There are four holes underneath which I use to attach the chassis to the floor assembly. Make sure everything is lined up properly or the screws will not go in:



Stage complete



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I am having problems with this stage: when attempting to attach the interior assembly, dash and steering column to the chassis the lungs to not align. 

To make it easier to show I have attached the interior section to the chassis without the dash. Then, with the column and pinion placed as far down into the steering gear recess as it will go, there is still a 3mm misalignment between the upperand dash screw holes and the lugs on the floor pan assembly. 

I hammered the pinion onto the column as far as it will go, does anyone know of an easy fix?



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