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Super Snake Pack 8 - Stage 60

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Stage 60, exhaust pipes:



The first step is to unscrew all 11 screws which I have circled on this image. Then the plate comes off the car completely to allow the exhaust to go in:



The exhaust assembly from stage 54 goes on. I gently wiggle the pipes through the car. I found it easiest to put one pipe through first, then gently bend the second one through as opposed to putting them through at the same time:



Now I turn the car upside down, whilst holding the exhaust to the car with one hand. There are six screw holes (circled in red) which hold the exhaust in place:



The plate that I took off at the start can now go back on:



The two resonator half pipes attach to the end of the exhaust system with 2 screw each:



Next, the exhaust goes into two slots on the first exhaust piece that i wiggled in:



Now the exhaust is screwed in on the other side with four screws:

Stage complete


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