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Pack 3 - Stage 12. The forward well deck.

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Stage 12 gives us the forward well deck.


The first task is to fix the wooden deck to the plastic base.  The deck is self adhesive, but I've found this doesn't stick very firmly.  The bond can be improved greatly by using a glue stick.  I had a UHU glue sick, but any brand should work.  Simply rub the glue evenly over the plastic deck.  Aim for a thin even covering over the entire deck.  


Put the wooden deck in place and press down firmly.  You can use clamps or clothes pegs to hold down any areas that are being uncooperative, but put a piece of paper under the clamp to stop it marking the deck.  The backing paper from the wooden deck is ideal as it's the perfect size!  Remove any excess glue from the edges or holes carefully.  Try not to get glue on the wooden deck as it may stain.


Put the two hatches in position and fix with screws from the underside.


This completes the stage.


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