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Pack 8 - Stage 62. Passenger seat.

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Stage 62 completes the passenger seat.


Fit the seat backrest into the frame.


I wasn't really happy with how the backrest fitted against the frame.  There was a bit of a gap.


Looking at the backrest, you can see a raised lip where the tip of my scalpel is.  This is stopping the backrest sitting flush.  


I cut away this lip using a brand new scalpel blade; it has to be extremely sharp to avoid digging into the backrest.  Note that I'm straying from the instructions, so only do this if you're confident you won't damage the seat.  As an aside, I do recommend Swann Morton scalpels for modelling.  A number 3 handle along with No 10 and No 11 blades will cover almost all of your modelling needs.  Buy the blades by the box, they are much cheaper that way.  Just be aware that they are designed for cutting flesh, and fingers are no exception!  Ask me how I know!


Now the backrest fits much better, and a little superglue seals the deal!


Fit the seat cushion.


Retrieve the driver's seat and now fit both seats to the floor.  They are fixed with a couple of screws each.


This completes the stage, and the cockpit is starting to look the part!!



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