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Pack 7 - Stage 59. Right elevator.

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Stage 59 gives us the right side elevator and the servo tester adapter cable.


Take the elevator servo supplied in stage 52, test and zero it as per the earlier stages.



Fit this to the rear of the fuselage.  The instructions show the bracket removed from the fuselage, but this is just for clarity.  You don't need to remove the bracket.  This instructions don't mention installing the servo arm just yet, but I fitted mine just to keep it safe!


Take the elevator frame and place the hinges in position.


Screw the upper bracket in place to hold the hinges in position.


The rest of the assembly requires 3 hands and a good deal of luck!  However, as I'm lacking a third hand, a piece of masking tape works just as well!  Stick this to the bottom of the elevator.


Put the shaft in position along with the elevator.  The tape will hold everything in place nicely.



Put the trim tab in place.  In case you didn't know, the pilot can move this tab with a trim wheel in the cockpit.  With this he can set the plane to fly level with no pressure on the joy stick.


Push the ball bearing onto the elevator shaft.


Now glue the top of the elevator to the bottom.  Superglue is my weapon of choice.  Keep the glue well away from the hinges.


This completes the stage.




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