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Routemaster pack 8 stages 78 & 79 interior upper deck walls both sides

JDave Say

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Pack 8 stages 78 & 79 Routemaster upper deck interior walls both sides , in these stages we fix both sides and front walls together and also fix the seats to the sides of the interior walls , only note I had at this stage was making sure the seats where sat properly on the lower seat pegs on the sides of the interior walls if they all look square to the sides you’ll know because when viewed from above if one seat isn’t sitting correctly it’ll look out of place to check this put one interior side wall on first then look underneath the seats to see if they sit in correctly , this wonderful model is now beginning to look like a double decker bus and wow it certainly is challenging to take photos with it being so big   But that’s the appeal to me and many of my friends too the shear size of this beautiful model , and very soon we are going to be putting it all together. 






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