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Titanic Display Case


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Hi All,

I'm only very early on in the build. (Just completed stage 4).I didn't suscribe through Hachette or Agora. I know, shame on me. I went through a newsagent before I became a member or even knew about Agora ! 

I haven't seen the display cases advertised or shown anywhere apart from the subscription literature for the UK people. I know now it would have been cheaper to subscribe, but will a display case for the Titanic be available to us Australians further on down the track ? 


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I have exactly the same problem the titanic is costing over $2000 were going through the effort of picking every individual issue weekly from the newsagent and we don't have the option to buy the display case. At the end of the day it will be pointless collecting the titanic if we can't build it or display it. Complete waste of time and money. If anyone knows how we can get our hands on the display case it would be greatly appreciated thanks

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On 7/3/2023 at 3:45 AM, AgoraSam said:

Hi, we do have a display case for the Titanic which is available towards the end of the series. Thank you

Hi Sam.

I contacted Agora Models via email and was told that they do not ship the Titanic to Australia, so the display case will not be available to me.

Is this the case ? (pun intended) Will Australians be able to purchase these from Agora, or will I have to look elsewhere ? I noticed the Titanic isn't even on the main page for Agora Models anymore.


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