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Pack 6 - Stage 49. Right wing spar and frame, and fitting the cockpit.

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Stage 49 gives us the right wing spar and frame.


Push the main spar into its slot and secure it with 3 screws.  It can be a little tricky getting this into the slot properly, but persevere as it must sit completely flush.


Fit the wing frame in place.  This is secured with 6 screws.  As usual, be careful not to trap any wires.  They should all come out at the back of the wing root.


Tame the prop motor wire by taping in it place.


You may choose to skip the rest of the stage as the cockpit assembly does need to be removed later in the build, and it's not particularly easy to remove!

Anyway, I shall follow the instructions and fit it now.  The cockpit assembly clips in place.  It's a bit awkward to fit as the engine mount framework needs to clip around the carburettor.  As the instructions say, insert it diagonally from the left.

The wires should come out of the rear, left and right.


The cockpit is secured with 4 screws. Two at the rear,


And two at the front.


This completes the stage.


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