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Super Snake Pack 7 - Stage 52/53

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Stage 52/53, Brakes, rims and tires:



As you may have found out, tires are very hard to get over the rims. There is a solution however, which is to soak the tires in boiling hot water for 5 minutes. (kettle water is hot enough). After 5 minutes, take the tire(s) out, but don't use your fingers because the water is still very hot. Now quickly stretch the tire over the rim. It still requires some effort, but a lot less than before.



Now to make the brakes. Fit the brake disk cover to the wheel hub:



Now add the Brake disk to the cover and hub:



The the brake caliper goes on. This part is screwed into hold it all together:



Once the brake assembly is complete, I rest it on the inside of the wheel:



The brake assembly attaches using a screw that goes into the front of the wheel. Then the wheel hubcap goes over the screw:



Stages complete


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