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Ecto-1 by eaglemoss

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Hallo, i'm from italy and i bought ecto-1 by eaglemoss.

I'm only at stage 53, but after the recent events of eaglemoss what will happen to my ecto-1? 🥶😭

I want to finish this model, please contact me.


thanks so much


p.s sorry for my english

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I'm building it as well...if I had to guess (I know absolutely nothing, this is pure speculation on my part), depending on what comes out of Administration, that if EM ceases all Part Work Business, another company like DeAgostini (through Fanhome) or even Agora might evaluate the build to see if it's something they could distribute.  Again, I don't "know" anything (not connected to the industry at all, just another customer).

In Japan, the DeLorean build (which I'm also working on) was actually distributed by DeAgostini.  In the EU, the Willy's Jeep was a Hachette release.

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I'm building the Ecto-1 as well.  Do you all know what's going on with Eaglemoss?  I can't even get to their site on the internet anymore.  Just get those Error 404 messages.  Have they closed down?  I'd appreciate any information, or even speculation, anyone can supply.  Thanks.

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