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Super Snake Pack 7 - Stage 49

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Stage 49, seatbelts and roll bar:



The seatbelts might be wonky, so you can use a heavy book to rest on top and leave overnight:



Whilst you flatten your seatbelts, you can start by placing this bar behind the dashboard like so, and screwing in on:



I thread the seatbelt through the seatbelt retractor:



The seatbelt now screws onto the roll bar. Pull the seatbelt so the metal part lays flat on the seatbelt retractor. You will know if it is correct because it shouldn't block the hole for the screw to go in.



Once both seatbelts are attached, it should look like this. This is also what the seatbelts look like without using the book to flatten. The instructions show it with the book:



Simply take the roll bar and slot in to the holes on each side of the interior behind the front seats. Then screw to keep it in:



The seatbelts now go through the floor. Notice how i have twisted over the seatbelt on the left image. This is because it will make the lug and hole face each other on the under side. You only need to twist the outer seatbelt on each side. Also you can glue the seatbelts underneath to make them stay easier if they keep coming loose:



Stage complete




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