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Super Snake Pack 7 - Stage 47

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Starting pack 7 with an interior panel:



This stage comes with two decorative accessories which I screw to the panel with the screws provided:



Silver on the left of the panel, black on the right:



Now the panel goes onto the interior car. I put the latch and the lug together first as this was easiest for me:



Next, I screw in only two screws which are circled in yellow. The third screw doesn't go in. You will find out why in the next step.



I get the back bench, and put one side into a hole in the car interior. Now you can bend the side panel back to fit the other side of the bench in because of the screw that i missed on the previous step:



Once the bench is in, you can screw in that last screw under the car:



Stage complete



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Hi there, in the seventh diagram the screw at the rearmost position, the panel i have will not screw to the post,

there seems to be a gap of approx 3,4 mm where the screw goes through the end of the panel.

Has anybody mentioned this as it crucial to the fitment of the side panel.



not sure how to inset image from URL.


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