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Mark's Leopard 2A6 - Pack 2 (1)

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Pack 2!!  

Stage 9 and we continue with the barrel.


The LED pushes into the tip of the barrel.  I assume this is to 'fire' an infra-red shell if you want to have battles with a friend.  Either that or a flash when you fire the gun.  Time will tell.


Feed the cable down the barrel and then the tip pushes into the barrel.


Then the barrel base just slides on.


I won't repeat construction of the tracks and it's all the same as before.

Stage 10 gives us the servo that presumably 'recoils' the barrel.  


Slide the white nylon peg into the barrel, making sure that the cable goes in the slot.


Screw the barrel in place with the HP screw.


now screw the servo in place with the CP screws.


Finally add the two plastic washers.


Stage 11 gives us the cover that covers the top of the barrel where is hinges in the turret.


The LED is fitted to the cover and held with a bracket.  Perhaps this the the IR LED for 'firing' at an opponent, or perhaps this is a light.  Not sure.  Time will tell.


Then the hinged cover is fitted.  The pins just push in, but they need a bit of force.  I did actually resort to a gentle tap with a small hammer.


Screw the side piece in place.


Put the spring in place, then fit the barrel assembly with the 2 brackets and 4 screws.  Don't be tempted to push the hinged cover in place as it's very difficult to remove!!


Getting big now!  

Stage 12 i the barrel elevation servo, but this isn't fitted just yet.



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