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Mark's Leopard 2A6 - Pack 6 (1)

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Straight on with Pack 6, which is mainly wheels.

Stage 43, wheels!!




Firstly, the 4 RP screws are used to replace the screws that were originally holding the metal chassis together.  The original ones were a bit long and pushing the armour out of position.  The replacements are shorter.


The guard that goes under the barrel is superglued in place.




I've jumped ahead in the instructions a little, just so I can keep the steps for assembling the wheels together.  I added these two plastic details for the suspension and the little plastic caps (parts 43-10).  These are photos 18 to 20 in the instructions.




Assembling the wheels is a little involved.  First drop the bush, 43-7 in the wheel outer then fix the wheel inner with the three screws.




Add the suspension arm and fix it with a PP screw.  Make sure this is tight enough to hold the wheel firmly, but not so tight that the wheel binds.  It must be free to rotate.  
It may be worth adding a smear of Vaseline tot he axle if you're planning on using the model a lot.




Add the hub cap and rubber tyres.  Make sure you're happy with previous steps first, as the hub cap is very difficult to remove again!




Now drop the spring in the recess in the hull.  Make sure the pin goes in its hole.  This step can be a little tricky as the pin must be lined up perfectly.




Now put the suspension arm in place, so that the spring engages in the recess in the back.  Applying gentle pressure to keep everything in place, twist the arm round until the tab in the arm goes past the tab in the hull.  The arm needs to be rocked a little so that the tabs can go past each other without the spring releasing.  It's easier than it sounds!  Honest!!
Then fix with a screw.




That's the end of this stage.  

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