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Pack 1 - Stage 4. Centre console and instruments.

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Stage 4 gives us the centre console and instrument cluster.


The first task is to insert the instrument glasses in the instrument panel.  These have a protective film on both sides which needs to be removed.  Carefully place the glasses in the recesses.  Don't worry if they don't seem firmly seated.  The instruments will hold them in place.


Apply a couple of tiny drops of superglue to the posts and glue the instruments in place.  Have a practice first before committing the parts with glue!  


Insert the LED.  I needed to open out the hole a touch with the point of a craft knife.  You could use a 1/8" (3.2mm) drill bit to open the hole..  Equally, you can fix the LED with a drop of superglue if it's loose.


Fix the instrument assembly into the centre console.  Mine needed gluing along the top edge as it was tending to spring out a little.


The back looks like this.


Screw the glove box in place with 2 screws.


Push the control lever, switch and knob in place.  These took a fairly firm push with a pair of tweezers.  Be careful not to damage them.



Fit the centre console to the dash board.  It's a fairly tight push fit.


Note how the console fits to the dash, with the two grooves in the dash fitting in the slots in the back of the console.  No gaps!!


Finally, the console is secured with 2 screws from the back.


That completes stage 4.




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