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Pack 5 - Stage 43. Undercarriage (3)

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Stage 43 gives us the main leg, spring and some other details.


This is a repeat of stage 30, so refer back to that stage for more details.

Put the spring on the landing leg and slide it into the upper section of leg.  Secure with the pin iwht the serrated end.


Assemble the torque link.  You can replace the bits of rod with 1mm brass wire if the carpet monster eats your pins. (Yes he did!!!)


Glue the brake line to the inside of the door.


Glue the door to the leg.


Put the hub in place and secure the end of the brake line with a drop of glue.


Finally, fit the wheel and glue the door in place.  Be careful not to glue the wheel.



That completes stage 43.

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