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Pack 5 - Stage 41. Right landing gear (1)

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Stage 41 gives us the start of the right landing gear.


This is a repeat of the left leg, so please refer back to stages 28 to 31 for a more detailed explanation.  However, we also get some washers and self adhesive liners to adjust the left landing gear.  I'll describe those in depth.

Fit the gear indicator and retainer.


Fit the gear wheel and bearing to the landing leg.


Fit the leg to the undercarriage bracket, making sure that the gear down indicator in in its correct position.


Secure the leg in place with the bracket top.


Take on the other self adhesive liners and stick it tot he top of the u/c leg.  Tweezers are ideal for this.


Clip the u/c door to the leg, and place the shorter legs in position on the bracket.


Secure this with the end cap and a screw.


That completes this stage, except we need to add the spacer washer to the limit switches and the liner to the left landing leg.

Remove the 4 screws and the motor cover.


Remove the landing leg.  Note that there are two different sized screws holding this.  Don't get them mixed up.


Remove the limit switch circuit board, then place one of the clear washers on the right screw hole.


Carefully replace the limit switch board, being careful not to displace the washer.  


Now unclip the landing gear and tithe self adhesive liner in place.


Finally, put everything back, which is a reverse of disassembly.


That completes stage 40.  Keep the remaining clear washers safe as they will be used in Pack 6.


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