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Help needed! Faceplate problems


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Hi fellow builders! I could use your help...


I just finished pack 3 of the terminator, but got stuck at the part where you have to put on the faceplate. No matter how hard I’d try, it does not seem to fit flush on the left side. The right side closes just fine, but I’ve tried multiple times and there is still a noticeable gap on the left side. I’ve added some pictures below. The only thing I could think of being the problem are the inner eye sockets, but they both are fitted just fine. 


Did anyone of you had the same problem by any chance? Any advice to fix this is most welcome. Thanks in advance!




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7 hours ago, YeepYeep said:

Use a small file or sandpaper. 

Just a few milimeters to break the edges. 

Yep; same thing I did. Haven't received Pack 3 yet myself. Noticed it during test fitting back on Stage  17 and mentioned it in General Lou's official build diary. Open up the slot on the left faceplate.

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Nothing stupid about it, @DaneMB - that's what the forum is all about! I was initially nervous about filing, as all other parts have fit perfectly, and I didn't know for sure if I would ruin the surface. There are lots of plastic bits on sprues in Pack 3, which could screw up their finishes if badly filed.

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