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Pack 1 - Stage 1. Let's get this show on the road!

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The Miura!  First produced in 1966, with looks to die for!!  It was the first 2 seat mid engined sports car, and the fastest production car when it was launched.  Sadly I can't afford the $4,000,000 that one will cost you, but I'm delighted to be building Agora's 1/8 scale model!

Stage 1 gives us the left door and steering wheel.


Push the lock into the holes into the door.  It's a bit tricky as the part is so small, but a pair of tweezers helps.


Slide the door handle in place.  It slides in from the back and the pin on the front of the handle clips into the hole in the door.


Here is the view from he rear showing how the handle fits in the slots.


That completes stage 1.

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