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Mark's E-Type

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Pack 3!  This is mainly the front subframe.

Stage 16. Right subframe member.




Nothing to do just yet!

Stage 17.  Wishbones.




This stage is a little fiddly.  Add the upper wishbone, then add the upright.  Just hold this in place, making sure that the wishbone is free to move.  Don't screw it in place just yet.
Now fit the lower wishbone to the subframe by inserting the pin in the hole.  Carefully lift the upright away and reposition it, inserting the rear wishbone pin in the hole in the upright.  Now you can screw the upright in position.




Stage 18.  Left subframe member.




Nothing to do just yet.

Stage 19. Left wishbones.




This is a repeat of stage 17 and the finished assembly looks like this.




Stage 20.  Front crossmember.





Position the left frame against the front crossmember and secure it with a screw.  Check that it sits properly.  




Now add the right frame and fit as above.  Finally, add the two screws at the bottom to complete the assembly.




Stage 21.  Right side braces.




The longer brace fits on the front crossmember and the side frame member.  I needed to scrape a bit of paint off the get a perfect fit,  but be careful not to scrape away any paint that will show!




This is a shot of the underside showing where the screw is fitted, but leave this a little loose until the diagonal brace is fitted.  It makes it easier to line up the screw holes!




Now fit the diagonal brace.  The pin on the front end goes in the hole in the side member, and the other end is secured with a screw.  Once the diagonal brace is fitted and the screw tightened, you can go back and tighten the screw holding the upper brace.




Stage 22.  Left braces.


(Bonus points if you spotted that this is the photo os stage 21 parts - guess who forgot to photo stage 22 parts!)

This assembly is a repeat of stage 21.




Stage 23.  The bonnet.




And doesn't it look gorgeous!!!

All we do in this stage is screw the badge to the trim!




That completes stage 3!

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