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Mark's E-Type - The Wheel

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On to pack 4, and it's the first wheel!!

Stage 24, the spare wheel.

This is supplied with a jig to keep the wheel true, and a pair of tweezers for assembly.  The jig works perfectly, but I found the tweezers are a bit average and a better quality pair made assembly easier.




First the easy bit.  Put the hub and the rim in the jig, making sure the alignment notches and pin are correctly positioned.  




The first spoke is threaded through on of the inner (lower) holes in the hub and hooks round the wider 'tooth' on the rim.




A few more fitted.  I found it easier to go clockwise with these spokes. They seemed less inclined to dislodge the previous spokes that way.




The first row completed.  These actually went fairly easily!  I know some people have been applying glue, but I found it unnecessary.  Occasionally the earlier spokes would jump out of the tooth in the rim, but they went back in with a pair of tweezers easily enough.




Now start on the second row of spokes.  Not that these cross 2 of the first row spokes and hook over a long 'tooth.'




This row completed.  I did find that the spoked occasionally jumped out, but were earlier put back.  
Now check the spokes carefully to make sure that they are all properly positioned.




Carefully place the spoke retaining ring in position.  Note that there is an alignment pin and groove, about 11 o'clock in this picture.
Then, while holding the ring in place, fit the 4 screws.  Tighten them evenly a bit at a time, in a cross pattern.  I.e.  Top, bottom, left then right.  This will pull the ring down evenly on the spokes and you're less likely to dislodge them.  




Check that the gap between the rim and spoke retaining ring and closed up nicely.  If it hasn't, a spoke has moved and you should remove the retaining ring and check that that all the spokes are correctly seated.




Remove the jig carefully, I inserted a knife blade between the jig and the hub and twisted to prise it off.  Don't pull the rim as the wheel isn't very strong yet.
This is what it should look like from the front.  The hub will move a bit, but will become rock solid in the next stage.




Stage 25

This gives us the spacer ring, inner rim and two sets of spokes.




Firstly put the spacer on. This just pushes in place, noting the alignment pin.




Now start on the third row.  These go through the inner row of holes in the hub, and are dropped (pushed is a better word, they are a little reluctant!) through a diamond shaped hole, leading slightly clockwise.




Flip the wheel over and check that the spokes sit comfortably over a long tooth.  Try a different diamond if they are reluctant to fit.




That's the third row completed.




Now start with the last row, noting that these lead slightly anti-clockwise.  Note how they cross over the previous spokes.




Again, flip the wheel over and make sure they fit easily over a long tooth.




The last row of spokes complete.




Then put something in the hub to stop the spokes falling out.  Agora suggest kitchen paper or cotton wool.  I tried Blutac, which worked OK but was difficult to remove completely.  Kithen paper may be a better choice.

Now flip the wheel over and locate the spokes around the long teeth.  These were a bit more reluctant, and a couple wouldn't go but sat inside the tooth.  In the end, it didn't seem to matter as the wheel assembled OK.




Carefully place the inner hub over the spokes and screw it in place evenly as before.




Again, check that the gap between the spoke retaining ring and wheel rim has closed up nicely.



This completes the wheel.




Finally, soak the tyre in boiling water for a couple eo of minutes, then fit it to the wheel.




Now sit back, give yourself a pat on the back and admire the wheel, which does look stunning!!

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