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Pack 4 - Stage 36. Wing base frame.

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Stage 36 gives us the wing base frame.


Take the left undercarriage door from the previous stage and fit it as shown.  The long hinge fits into the slot in the frame, and the end of the connector fits into the recesses it the top of the wheel well.  The door is engraved with an L for easy identification.


Taker the left support unit (it's marked with an L) and drop it into place, being careful not to dislodge the hinge or connector.

Fix it with 2 screws.  Screws that go into metal should be lubricated with a lubricant such as a drop of light oil, Vaseline, soap, etc.  That is all of the screws in this stage. 


The is how the door looks from the outside.


Repeat for the other side.


Screw the wing to the wing base frame with 4 screws.


Note that the wheel slides under the door.


Finally, fit the carburettor assembly to the frame with 3 screws.


That completes this stage and this pack.

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