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Routemaster pack 7 stage 63 fitting the platform and cables

JDave Say

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Pack 7 stage 63 is fitting the rear platform and stairs and cables, wow this stage really was a pleasure to do for me in total there’s 8 screws holding this rear together but when finished you will have the full scale length of your model of 27.5 inches long and I may add it’s a whole lot heavier too so before starting this stage please make sure you have replaced the rear section of the last stage the rear wall with the bell switches on then using something soft on your workbench turn the whole model on its o/s and make sure you have lots of room to work around the model then you can offer up the platform and stairs to the rear to see where you attach it via four screws underneath and four screws at the side of the stairs , I believe I did this stage as I ve done all the other stages live on my YouTube channel ( D S Models & Vintage ) just look for the stage and pack number , I may have done this stage with the bus upside down resting it on some blue foam blocks that I use for model making that way I don’t break anything so just to clarify if you do turn your model either on it’s side or upside down please be very careful and use something soft to raise your model off the work surface ,also in this stage we start putting the electric plugs into the circuit board for this I have made a template of the circuit board with all the relevant letters on so if I find it difficult to find a certain letter to put the wire plug into I can refer back to my diagram for location of plugs etc .








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