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Pack 4 - Stage 32. Assembling the port (left) wing.

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Stage 32 gives us the wing navigation and formation lights, along with a couple of other parts.


Push the gear wheel onto the axle.  It needs to go on about half way, but you can adjust it later if necessary.


Screw the red nav light lens to the wingtip.


Now push the LED into the lens.  It doesn't go all the way in.


Now we fit the first formation light.  The design has changed a little from the drawing in the instructions.  The wires come out from opposite ends rather than the same end.  I initially ran the wires through a convenient (or so I thought) gap in the frame, but this wasn't ideal, so I corrected it.  That gap is filled by the wing's upper framework.  Anyway, note that the LED faces up and to the front of the frame.  


Here is a much better way of running the wires.  Fold them under the LED board and run one either side of the boss round the screw hole.  P6120434.thumb.JPG.bb65d4f85ea0edaed92aa084495586f3.JPG

Run the wire along the channel in the framework, then under the panel toward the front of the wing.


Then screw the second formation light LED in place.  Again note the the LED is pointing up, and toward the wing tip.


This completes stage 32.


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