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Pack 4 - Stage 30. Continuing the landing gear assembly..

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Stage 30 gives us the lower half of the main left, and door and some details.


Slide the spring onto the main leg.


Now slide the lower part of the leg into the upper part.  Note which way the wheel axle points in relation to the upper bearing housing.


Now we need to fit a pin to lock the two parts together.  Here you can see I've partly inserted the pin, but slid the leg out so you can see the slot which the pin goes into to hold the lower leg.


Push the leg in and then push the pin home.  It's the pin with the serrated end, and it goes in quite easily until it gets to the serrations, when it needs a firm push.


Join the two arms together with the shortest pin.  I found it difficult to get the pin started, so I drilled one side of the lower arm with a 1m drill bit to make it easier to get the pin started.  Then went in easily, but still held firmly.

Incidentally, these parts go by a number of different names, but are often called torque links or torsion arms.


Clip the lower link to the dimples in the lower part of the leg.


Now insert the last pin to secure the upper link.


Moving on to the door, glue the brake line to the inside of the door.  A miserly amount of superglue is all that is needed.


Glue the door to the under carriage leg.


Now fit the brake disc and insert the brake line into the hole.  The instructions suggest that glue isn't necessary, but I found that it didn't like staying put, so a dab of superglue secured it nicely.


Put the wheel in place.  It only goes one way round, and (at the risk of stating the obvious) shouldn't be glued.


Finally glue the door in place.  Only glue this to the under carriage left, not the wheel!!


This completes stage 30.

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