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T-800 Terminator Pack 3 - Stage 21

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Stage 21, skull and shoulder:



I put a little glue onto the shoulder joint fitting, then stick it onto the shoulder joint. There are two fittings, so stick one on the other side of the shoulder joint as well:




Then I use my snippers to snip out the jaw joint cover, and use the glue again to stick them both onto the jaw:




Now the four metal shafts go into the head. There are two big shafts, and two small shafts. The big ones go at the top and smaller ones at the bottom. I squeeze some glue into the holes, but only a tiny amount because it will squirt out when you put the shaft in if there is too much:



Next, I put the top of the skull onto the rest of the head. Make sure all wires are coming out the back, and not stuck inside. Then to attach, I use two screws like so:



Stage complete





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