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Pack 3 - Stage 25. Cockpit (8)

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Stage 25 gives us more details for the port side of the cockpit.


Fit the emergency floating gear cock and piping to the port side.  Be careful here.  There is a D shaped pin and hole to ge the alignment correct, but it's not that precise.  The end of this pipe needs to locate in a hole int eh cockpit rear panel.  I suggest that you delve into pack 26 and dry fit the rear panel to ensure that it's aligned perfectly.


Nest, glue the throttle quadrant and seat light in place.


Fit the fuel tank switching pipes to the instrument panel.


Then this instrument panel is fitted to the cockpit side.


Finally, the cockpit light is fitted in place.  Like the starboard side, this is just pushed into place but it isn't a very tight fit.  I may glue it later.


That completes this stage.

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