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Pack 1 - Stage 1. Let's get this show on the road!

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Steve McQueen's Porsche 917KH from the 1971 movie "Le Mans."  Yet another iconic car from Agora!!

Here's a quick Youtube video showing the real car.  https://youtu.be/cx6fQ_XqXb0


Stage 1 gives us the left headlight assembly, a door and the bonnet.


Let's start with the left indicator.  The lens is pushed onto the housing.


Now the indicator is fitted into the headlight housing and fixed with a screw.


Push the headlight trim into the housing.  This can be a little tricky to locate, but get it square and push the middle of the three pins in first, followed by the other two.  You can squeeze the two pins in a little, and pressing with the handle of a paint brush or similar wooden object can help.  Don't press too hard or you may damage the pins.


Push the headlight lens on to the reflector.  Take your time to make sure the fixing tab on the reflector is aligned with the cutout in the lens.


Finally fix the lens assembly into the housing with a screw.


That completes stage 1.


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