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Pack 2 - stage 14. Continuing the engine.

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Stage 14 gives us the remaining cowl flaps and exhaust pipes.


The flaps are fitted in the same way as before.




Now glue the frame to the engine.  This locates on pins on some of the rocker covers.  Do a test fit and make sure they all locate fully before applying glue.  I needed to scrape a bit of paint off some of the pins to get a good fit.


The next task is to fit the intake manifold.  This is quite fiddly!!  Get it more or less in position, then go round each pipe in turn and check that it's located in the hole in the cylinder head.  Go round them all in turn and slowly the manifold will seat properly.  It may take a couple of 'circuits' to get all the pipes in properly.


Now sort the exhaust pipes.  Note that there is a number or letter engraved on each pipe and a matching number or letter on the support ring.


These are not glued in.  I'm not sure why the instructions say don't glue them, but I'll follow them for now.,  They do locate quite solidly. This is the first one.


This is how the pipe locates on the pin on the support ring.


Continue with all the pipes.  Some of them, notable the ones with the letters were tricky to fit.  I needed to shorten the pin on the support ring and also 'sharpening' the end of the pipe a little (just chamfering the edges really) made it easier to locate it in the cylinder head.

Here is the completed assembly.


Now fit the cowling and prop.  I have only pushed the prop on very lightly as I'll take it off for the rest of the construction.  It will get in the way!!


This completes the stage.


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