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Pack 2 - stage 8. Continuing with the engine

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Stage 8 gives us the last cylinder, another part of the cylinder carrier (I guess this should be called part of the crank case) and some rods.  I'm afraid I don't know what these rods actually are.


The final cylinder is assembled in the usual manner.


This is fitted in the remaining B slot to complete the bank of cylinders.


Now remove them all!

Cut the rods from the sprue.  Put a cylinder in the carrier and glue one of the rods to it.  


Now add the second cylinder and make sure that both ends of the rod are located in the holes in the rocker covers.


Repeat this until you have all 7 rods fitted.  Handle with care as you really don't want one of the cylinders falling out at this stage.


Now secure the cylinders in place by adding the other part of the carrier.IMG_1809.thumb.jpeg.1020e8841ad4a1397528e2d382db9b17.jpeg

Turn the cylinder bank over and add the 7 oil pipes.


Take the other cylinder bank and fit the 7 rods in the same manner as before.  The photo shows the finished result.


This completes this stage.



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