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Pack 1 - Stage 1. The propeller

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First of all, thanks to Agora for asking me to do the official build for this model.  It's a cracking model with lots of action and lots of details.  I've had a peak at the upcoming parts (I'm a bit late to the party!) and there is a lot to look forward to!  I've assembled the first pack and the quality seems top notch!

So, let's get cracking!!

Here are the parts for the propellor.


The first thing to do is to superglue the rear half of the hub onto the back of the spinner.  Just tiny spots applied with a cocktail stick.


Now drop the gear wheel in the hub.  The instructions didn't mention lubrication, but I found the blades were a bit stiff to rotate when assembled dry.  So I put a tiny smear of Vaseline in the grooves in the hub and this made the blades rotate much more smoothly.


Put the alignment guides on the blade tips, then put the blades in place.


Put the top half of the hub in place and fix it with a screw.


Add the counterweights, fixing them with a drop of superglue.


Then add the oil tank.


Finally, screw the spinner in place to complete stage 1.





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